Advantage On Call boasts experience, expertise, and proven results for our partnering per diem facilities in CA, AZ, NV and OH and our therapy, government and travel facilities across the country. Following are some recent comments from our clients:

Shannon has always made it a point to submit candidates to the “hot” (urgent) requisitions that may need filled at the time and executed on quite a few of our urgent needs.

— TH Contingent Staffing Specialist

We have reached out to Advantage On Call for assistance with a pilot project that we were running in Columbus, Shannon executed all of the open needs plus had back up’s that were compliant and waiting in an open pipeline.

— MF Contingent Staffing Specialist

Shannon is such a joy to work with and whenever our office sends over a need she makes sure to have the need executed on and the person interview ready within hours. Advantage on Call is our main go-to.

— JS- PHR, HR Coordinator

We enjoy working with your company and appreciate the help that you provide us. Your employees, especially our usual fill ins, always come in and are prepared to work alongside us in our offices to provide us with the help that we need. We have been able to call your office at 8:00 in the morning and you have been able to have someone at an office within the hour. You have always been someone that we can rely on even when you are outside of the office, you are willing to take phone calls and answer emails during non- business hours.

— CL,-Human Resources Generalist

Shannon, Thank you for always being on top of your files for compliancy. You make my job easy — I am swamped with a big orientation!

— LJ, Compliance Coordinator

Thank you for the 100% compliant files at the time of submission. It is so much faster to review and approve when everything is in the packet from the start. Advantage On Call gets the Rockstar Award for today.

— VA, Vendor Coordinator for large staffing agency, CA

Whether it’s contract, block bookings or per diem, AOC can always be counted on to provide a high quality staff that is dependable and competent. The profiles provided are detailed, complete and accurate.

— GS, Medical Center, AZ

Advantage On Call is professional, diligent, and focused on providing us qualified agency personnel that always meets out needs. They have proven to be a reliable, dedicated and quality agency that we would recommend to other healthcare facilities.

— CJ, Operations Manager for a staffing resource center, CA

AOC is my my ‘go to rescue’ for hard-to-fill needs because they always find specialty staff. That’s how they earned my business: they consistently come through when all my current agencies can not.

— DS, Staffing Mgr, CA

We don’t use agency too often but when we do, AOC is our 1st choice because they always come through when we are in a bind, and if they don’t have anyone, they are honest and up front. That goes a long way in my book.

— RS, Lead Coordinator for Rehab Hospital, CA

Getting in touch with them anytime, day or night, is never a problem; their response time to any issue is astonishingly fast.

— TR, Staffing Manager, Hospital, NV

The quality of LCSWs sent to us has been excellent and more than qualified. AOC’s internal team is extremely professional and attentive to the needs of the Prison.  I would highly recommend this company and their staff for any staffing needs.

— CP, Contract Analyst, CA

We appreciate your quick response and understanding the importance of competent staff.

— PT, Dir of Nursing, Behavioral Heath, NV

AOC has a great individualized understanding of my staffing needs. They are up to the challenge, no matter how complicated the situation. I appreciate partnering with an agency that toes the extra mile to send us qualified staff because of the nature of our clientele.

— SR, Staffing Coordinator, Adult Mental Health facility, NV

I’ve had the pleasure of working with AOC for a few years now and they truly earned our business and respect because they have stayed consistent.  They have become our “go to” agency for eery need we have. I would highly recommend them without a doubt.

— RW, Dir of Nursing, LTCF, AZ