Meet Our President

A Message from the President (2012)

Matt Price is the President/CEO of ARN Healthcare Staffing, comprised of three brands: Advantage RN, Advantage On Call and Advantage Locums

Matt PriceIt’s hard to believe I wrote my initial “Message from the President” almost nine years ago and in less than a year, our first and largest brand Advantage RN will celebrate its 10th anniversary. I’ve often been asked how the company has changed and to update those thoughts in my letter. Whenever I attempted to make the changes, however, I found it impossible to update without losing the spirit and substance I captured as a start-up venture. Yet, given that our website is presently being upgraded, we’ve expanded to three divisions now collectively called Advantage Resource Network (ARN), and have grown from a staff of six to one of the Top 15 Healthcare Staffing firms paying almost 1,000 employees each week–I think it’s time for a new letter!

Many thoughts and memories rush through my mind as I relive the energy and excitement of the early days…

It’s amazing we’ve had the opportunity to work with almost 10,000 healthcare providers and 1,000 hospitals and facilities over the years. We’ve been honored to meet many of our hospital and provider partners and witness their pride and dedication as they work tireless hours in their mission to provide high quality patient care. I’ve watched our internal staff blossom into 150 dedicated employees who genuinely care about our healthcare providers, hospital contacts, and fellow teammates. I’ve lived with them through the meteoric rise, dramatic fall, and reemergence of the healthcare staffing industry which has been a wonderful testament to the power of the human spirit. To merely say we have bonded as a group would be an understatement as many staff, clients, and providers have become close friends.

The words “teammate and collaboration” flow frequently at ARN because we all know well that our very existence depends upon the service we provide and the impressions we make.

Reaching “win-win” solutions with our hospitals and providers is a given as we are all dedicated to building long-term relationships we fondly call “partnerships.” I remember as a fresh-faced teenager preparing for my first job interview and my father quizzing me on what I could offer a potential employer. As I stumbled for the right words, he provided simple instructions: “Be there every day ready to work. Do whatever you’re asked. Fix your mistakes immediately. Never make the same mistake twice.” He continued, “You have no track record so your employer will be taking a risk on you—so you must live by this advice every single day.”

Those words have stuck with me for 40 years and although they certainly don’t hold all of the answers—they have become one of the backbones of our corporate philosophy.

Our 500 hospital clients and 800+ providers know we are far from perfect. But they also know that once we walk in the door each day, our energies are focused like a laser on delivering the best service, owning and fixing problems quickly, and learning from our mistakes. We take our partnerships very seriously—setting expectations, executing, communicating, and keeping surprises to a minimum. We have even implemented a real-time feedback system on the emails of ALL employees — including me — to help us keep better track of how well we are doing. We clearly remember the time when ARN had no track record with any hospitals or providers. Thus, we learned well the only way to dispel the risk of new relationships was to deliver immediately and deliver each day to earn continued trust.

Another evolution at ARN is our focus on personal growth.

In the aftermath of the recession, our industry’s volume dropped over 50% and, although faring much better, ARN was still down about half of that total. With fewer staff, we had to up our game by training, coaching, and personally improving our collective skill set. Our staff not only embraced these concepts—but persevered through the downturn, improved our culture, and emerged a stronger company. In the process, we have not only become stronger employees, but better citizens as well. Giving and volunteering through fundraising, walks, and time spent personally with people faced with challenges has increased significantly since my initial letter. The resulting personal growth has spilled over far beyond our careers and into all aspects of our lives. Quite an inspiring transition, indeed.

So is the electricity still alive and well at ARN?  I’d say the answer is a resounding YES!

We are operating at high voltage and I feel truly blessed to be able to walk into any one of our 12 offices each day and experience the amazing results produced by Team-ARN.